Business leaders need timely, actionable insight into their key business-performance data to make effective decisions. The challenge? Only 8% of business leaders get the insight they need. Why? Too much data, bad data, inaccessible data, data that must be manually analyzed, and stale data. The 8% getting actionable insight are responding faster, moving faster, and growing their companies faster than their peers. Join them.


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Of business leaders lack ready access to the data they need for effective decision making *


Do not know their ideal customer profile for a product or group of products *


Can’t identify which marketing campaign best supports which sales team in a specific region or vertical *

Embrace the Third Wave of Business Analytics

The Third Wave of Business Analytics delivers actionable insight — quickly, simply, and reliably — and moves the power of analytics beyond data scientists and complex IT infrastructure to put the tools directly in your hands.

What About You?

Test your insight readiness and gauge your organization’s ability to turn data into insight by answering these questions.

While organizations may have access to vanity metrics on marketing successes (website visits, clicks, etc.), only 12% of business leaders have deeper insight into marketing campaign successes.*

Q1: Do you know which marketing campaign best supports which sales team in each region and vertical?


Q2: Do you know what your ideal customer profile is for a specific product or group of products?


Accurately mapping and monitoring correlations between products and customers is key to strategic planning, yet only 18% of business leaders can accurately map products to a customer profile.*

This strategic insight is not on most CEOs’ radars. Why?

Q3: Do you know what combination of products fares best against the competition?


Q4: Do you know what pricing strategy wins more deals and with greater margins?


The right pricing strategy maximizes your profits and the wrong one hurts your business, yet most business leaders are developing their pricing strategy the way they did 20 years ago! *


Only 37% of business leaders say the data they need to answer these questions is readily available. *

Q5: How readily available was the data and information to enable you to answer these questions?


Immediately available without request


Available upon request (within a day)


Available upon request (within a week)


Not available

Q6: How confident are you in the value/accuracy of the data and information supporting your answers?


Confident (I can make decisions without concern)


Somewhat Confident (I may need to consult others before I take action on the data)


Not Confident (I cannot take action on the data before consulting multiple people)

Only 8% of business leaders say they are confident and find value in the data at their disposal. *


81% of business leaders are reliant upon a broad team (or teams) to query and provide valuable data and insight needed to support key business decisions.*

Q7: How many people did it take to get you the data/information to answer these questions?


Between 1 and 5 people


Between 6 and 10 people


Between 11 and 15 people


More than 15 people


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